Circa 1999, Massachusetts

The Halliday Twins are a twin sibling director duo with a studio based in Framingham, Massachusetts.

With the rise of social media, they began making digital photographic work to polish their otherwise chaotic means of creation.  Their work has gained exposure for being tongue-in-cheek, obscure, and vibrant.

They toe the line between reality & fiction, drawing inspiration from Sci-Fi & fashion. 

The two have created work for commercial brands such as VSCO, Benefit Cosmetics, Merrell, Care/Of, and more. 

The Halliday Twins work with artists around them in the Boston area; they believe in the power of collaboration. 

Rates and services:

We LOVE working with local musicians, we take into consideration that it’s hard to be a startup artist (of any kind) for music videos/ band-promo photographs we offer a sliding scale.

Our services include:

  • Full service photography including styling
  • Full service music videos
  • Prop making

Email them: hallidaytwins.productions@gmail.com

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